Employee Education – Make 401(k) Simple

To get started using your 401(k), you really only need to know the answer to these three questions:

1. How can a 401(k) benefit me?
2. How much should I contribute to my 401(k)?
3. What should I invest in with my 401(k)?

Once you know the answer to these three questions, the 401(k) becomes much simpler.  We’re here to help with just this!  You see, Rethink401k.net here is the home of 401(k) University, our education platform for questions just like these.  It’s structured based on how involved, or not involved, you want to be with your 401(k) education.  If you only want to know the answer to these three question, then you need look no further than 401(k) University’s “Basics” classes.  In fact, you don’t even have to read the answers, you can simply watch them below! Perhaps you want to get more involved though.  Then check out our “Intermediate” and “Advanced” classes, where we begin to dive into 401(k) investing strategies, investment categorization, Roth 401(k), investment segmentation, and more!  Once again, you don’t even have to read these – all of these classes are available in video format below!

In closing, here’s a visual outline of the classes that, in their entirety, comprise 401(k) University’s Employee Curriculum:

Employee Curriculum